2017 FRC season

In 2017, RAID was able to continue off of the success found in 2016. Making the Pacific Northwest District Championship for the 3rd straight year and making the world championships again for a 2nd straight year.

FIRST Steamworks

FIRST Steamworks was the FIRST Robotics Competition game for the 2017 season. As in past games, two alliances of three individual teams and their robots compete on a field to score “match” point to win the game and ranking points to advance to playoff rounds. The game has a steampunk theme and teams are required to shoot wiffle balls which represent fuel into a simulated boiler which transfers the generated steam into an airship in the middle of the field. Each alliance has one airship, which they pressurize with steam from the boiler and load with plastic gears from the field. At the end of the match, robots can climb and hang on team-supplied ropes (or standard ropes supplied by FIRST) attached to the airship for additional points. Read more on Wikipedia.

The Robot

Robot Specifications


Competition Schedule

Ranked 11, Captain of 7th alliance, Event Finalist

Ranked 8, Captain of 6th alliance

Ranked 17, Member of 4th alliance

Ranked 12, Member of 7th alliance

Ranked 23, Member of 1st alliance, Event Finalist

2017 Woodie Flowers Award - Nomination: Tod Byquist

Each year, FRC teams may nominate one of their mentors for this award that recognizes them for their efforts in spreading STEM in their community and contributing to FIRST’s mission. In 2017, we nominated our lead mentor, Tod Byquist, who had been with our team since RAID began in fall of 2012.

To find FIRST’s current Woodie Flowers Nomination Instructions, click here.