Week 5 -6 Reveiw

The Polar Vortex affected FRC Teams all around the United States. Some Eastern Teams asked FIRST to change the bag date, which is this Tuesday, but FIRST declined their request. 

Our team was also affected by this, so for a collection of days in the past two weeks, the team was unable to meet due to our school closing campus and afterschool activities.

Knowing that more snow days were on their way, the team decided to take all the essential tools and parts that we needed to our lead mentors house to continue work.

At the beginning of Week 5, our robot, Gobiesox, was nothing more than a completed drive based with a partially completed climber and a elevator shaft attached with clamps.

At the house, the build team finished constructing the elevator system and riveted it to the drive base. The programming team wired up the connections from the electrical board to the sims, solenoids, and motors.

As with any design, there is always going to be some complications that need to be resolved. Design team worked with build team to troubleshoot these design changes. New parts were cut out and bent along in addition to numerous 3D printed parts.

The whole team came back together once was school was opened up last week and began to test the various systems. The sims motors for the pulley system for the elevator started to smoke when tested. This was because the sim motors were at a 1 to 9 gear ratio, so we switched them out for 1 to 45 gear ratio motors. 

Then the team tested the climber system by putting the suction cups on a Plexiglass panel. Thankfully, the vacuum seal on the cups worked.

Finally the team tested the suction cups on the underside of the grabber. They stuck right to the hatch panel but when the grabber was lifted up, the panel caught on the robot and the panel dropped. To combat this, the drive team would drive the robot up to the panel, lower the suction cups, raise the elevator and then raise the grabber to the vertical position.