Week Three Review:

Despite the fact that the robot has not been completed in the three weeks we had hoped to finish it in, the team is still chugging along. Everyone is pitching in to help, some members even working with other sub teams to help troubleshoot design and build technicalities.

The programming team has been able to cut out and wire a final electrical board for the robot. This will serve as the mother board for all the robots electrical functions. In addition, they started working on the final code for the robot because the mechanical design of the robot is primarily finished. This included the work they finished on the testing of the vision system.

The programming team perfected the elevator system by adding lead weights to the elevator shaft to simulate the added weight of the appendage. Then they edited the code so that the calibrations would compensate for the added weight but rise to the designated height. 

Design team had to work past the issues they were running into with the space inside the robot. This specifically had to do with the placement of where the transmission was going in reference to where the elevator shaft was going to be placed. They worked on the winch system for the lifter, which would be for the elevator shaft, and the winch system for the climber, so that the robot could lift itself up and over onto the third platform.

The build team was able to finish the drive base, complete with wheels, transmissions, chains and one section of the elevator attached. They finished 3D printing plastic parts that would go with the pulley system to raise and lower the the elevator. In addition, they began to work on the appendage that would grab the cargo ball and the hatch panels.