The Clock is Ticking…

Week One Review:

Destination: Deep Space has presented the team with a game that proves to be a fun challenge for all sub teams. After kickoff and a bit of lunch, the team read through the FRC Game Manual and came up with a list of priorities that we should focus on. Small discussion groups each came up with a design concept that could complete these priorities and presented to the rest of the team. Many ideas were thrown together that were will liked and voted on by the team.

After getting a basis upon what the robot needed to do, the design team began to work on a mechanical concept for an elevator that could extend upwards and deliver balls and hatch panels with an appendage that is currently still being fleshed out.

Interestingly enough, one of the pre-season projects that design, build, and programming team worked on over that fall for training was a small elevator that could travel up and down a shaft. Programming team is using this elevator to help program the new elevator once it has been fabricated. They are using PID control code to tell the robot how high the elevator needs to extend to.

Since there is so much going on, business team is working hard on updating you on what is going on with the team. Major projects in the works include a new storyboard for this year in addition to getting T-Shirts ready to go for team members.


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