The 2019 Pre-Season Begins

The first few weeks of the pre-season have passed, and RAID has been working hard on new projects and training. Our build sub-team has been training new recruits on how to operate the power tools used to make the robots and the safety elements required for each one. They will soon have a test on each power tool, which they have to pass to be able to use it. The programming/electrical sub-team has been working hard learning the coding program C++, which is new to our team this year. Specifically, they have gone through bubble sorts, Fibonacci and the basics of putting a program together. The business team has also been busy training new members of the team, making edits to the new and improved website, and coming up with fundraising ideas. A few new projects this year also include making designs for the logo and buttons, and making a promotional video for the team. Finally, last but not least, design team. They have also been hard at work training the new recruits how to use the solidworks program. They have also been showing how we go through the design process by using the 2016 FIRST Stronghold game as an example. All together, each sub-team has been working on different programs and tools that will help our team in the new 2019 Deep Space game.

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