Let the Training Begin…

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The team is now getting a head start on training all of the new members on what they do in each of their sub-teams. The day began with a quick debriefing on our competition from last week: Peak Performance. See the teams results here.

Sub-teams broke up into their respective areas. The build team went to work on fixing a ramp bracket that broke during competition. They also learned about a few of the main tools used during the build season. The programming team learned some basics of Labview including how to turn off and on a motor. The design team had a practice in the evening where design mentor Mr. Kuchan demonstrated and work alongside with new member on how to use CAD. The business team learned how to add a new page to the website with text and a picture.

While at FRC World's in Houston last season, the team met two freshman who where part of an FTC team. They contacted our lead mentor Mr. Byquist a few weeks ago for advice on their latest robot design. From their, our lead captain Julia has been communicating with them since, mainly rules and design ideas.

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