Sponsors And Donations to R.A.I.D.

R.A.I.D would not be able to continue without the support of our team mentors, school support, volunteers, parents and sponsors.

We appreciate the donations and grants sponsors and other donors give us.

These can be financial donations, contributions on behalf of R.A.I.D at the annual Thomas Jefferson Raider Parent Movement (TJRPM) Auction, or actual in-kind donation. These in-kind donation scan be food to feed our hungry team, or actual parts & material to help build our robot.

How to Donate

If you would like to donate to the team, click on the button below to go to Thomas Jefferson's Raider Parent Movement page.

Click on the Donate button under the "Donate via PayPal" section. Please be sure to specify that the donation is for Robotics.

Donate Now

Team Cost Perspective

You may ask, “Where does the money go?”

$10000 – Registration Fee for each FIRST Robotic Competition (FRC) team

FIRST Robotics, in association with many Regional Districts, will hold FIRST Robotics Competitions (FRC) events throughout each region in the months of March and April. Each team attends at least 2 or more qualifying events. Those FRC teams that do well will advance to a Regional Competition. Our team is able to receive grants from Washington FIRST Robotics, as well as from national FIRST sponsor companies

$5000 – Typical cost of a robot, including spare parts

FRC rules specify that each competing robot cannot cost more than $4000 in parts and material. Each team must document the cost of their robot and present to robot inspectors prior to each competition – this requirement ensures a level playing field between all teams. Spare parts are very necessary, as many components can, and will wear out or get damaged during the competitions.

$400 – Most expensive item allowed on the robot

The robot can incorporate many common components, most available from suppliers that are national FIRST sponsors. These can be electrical motors, wheels, hydraulic actuators, solenoids, wiring, and circuit boards. Again, to level the playing field, no single component can cost than $400.

$100 – Typical cost of feeding a FRC team lunch during one Saturday of the build season

All teams are given 6 weeks only to design, build, program and test their robot prior to competitions. Most teams will meet after school, working on their robot, plus all-day on Saturdays – hard working & inspiring minds need to eat.

Levels of Giving

  • Raider: Any donation - Thank you card from the team
  • Raider Acquaintance: $100 - $499 - Raider + Your name and/or logo on our website
  • Raider Ally: $500 - $999 - Raider Acquatintance + Your name and/or logo on our team shirt and rally towel
  • Raider Companion: $1,000 - $4,999 - Raider Ally + Your name and/or logo on the team banner as well as your logo on the competition robot. Also, your name will be a part of the game announcement
  • Raider Hero: $5,000 or more - Raider Companion + Individual company banner in the competition pit


2017 Sponsors & Donors

Raider Hero - $5000 or more

Federal Way Public School, Dr. Tammy Campbell   -   OPSI - Washington Education Fund Grant

Raider Companion - $1000 or more

Microsoft / Benevity   -   FIRST Washington Robotics Grant
Alaska Airlines   -   Boeing   -   Microsoft Grant   -   SPEEA
TJ Raider Parent Movement (RPM)

Raider Acquaintance - $100 or more

Teamsters Local 117   -   Dolores Weimar   -   Hartt Insurance

2016 Sponors & Donors

Raider Hero - $5000 or more

Associative Student Body (ASB) Grant

Raider Companion - $1000 or more

Rotary Club of Federal Way   -   Benevit-Alaska Airlines Gift Matching   -   Boeing Volunteer Hour Matching
Intel Volunteer Hour Matching   -   TJ RPM Grant   -   Washington FIRST Robotics Grant   -   Thomas Jefferson High School Grant
Boeing Mentor Grant   -   OPSI-Washington Education Fund Grant

Raider Ally - $500 or more

Sheets Family   -   Kathryn Diane Haelsig   -   F5 Networks Grant

Raider Acquaintance - $100 or more

Dolores Weimer   -   Diane Kellar   -   Kathy Byquist   -   Kiwanis of Federal Way   -   LeRoy & Margaret Wiedeman
Mike Byquist and Annie Schrick   -   Valmet, Jennifer Smith   -   Twin Lakes Chiropractic, Dr Edward Yee
Dr. William Holderman   -   Hart Insurance Agency, Susan Hendricks   -   Center for Advanced Dental Medicine-Dr Duane Jones
Debra Ethier, Douglas & Wendy Lane, Jennifer Clements and Tarah Remington   -   TJRPM Auction Donations   -   Poverty Bay
Windmill Gardens   -   Pampered Chef   -   Ivars   -   Salon Ina   -   Century Theatres   -   McGraths Fish House
Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse   -   The Olive Garden   -   Federal Way Dentistry   -   Billy McHales   -   Seacoma Lanes
Emerald Queen Hotel and Casino   -   And many Auction Bidders who made direct donations on behalf of R.A.I.D