Crunch Time

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R.A.I.D. is now experiencing a lot of pressure. The design team has been under stress getting certain parts in order on the robot. One of these components is the shooter. Along with this is the hopper and how the balls will feed into the shooter. The build team is taking the blueprints of parts of the robot to construct certain items.

There was a small problem today concerning how the game gear will fit onto the peg that will lift up the gear onto the airship. The idea is that the gear will slide down a chute and fall into a holder that will keep the gear in place until it reaches the peg. Then actuators will release the gear, allowing it to swing freely on the peg. As of right now, there are two problems with this component. The gear slides out of the chute and does not catch anywhere. The other problem is that the gear would not go over the small stopper that would keep the gear on the peg because the stopper does not completely slip through one of the holes in the gear. The build team is still trying to figure out how exactly to solve this problem.

As of right now, robot #1 is being fitted with manufactured parts and robot #2 is slowly coming together. Both have drive bases installed and most of their skeleton completed. As for the programming team, they have gotten a electrical board for the robot mostly completed. Once finished, hopefully in the next day, they will install it onto robot #1 once it is finished. 

But with just 9 days left to finish designing, building, testing and troubleshooting, the members are biting their fingernails and working overtime.

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