Let the Training Begin...

September 29, 2017

The team is now getting a head start on training all of the new members on what they do in each of their sub-teams. The day began with a quick debriefing on our competition from last week: Peak Performance. See the teams results here.

Sub-teams broke up into their respective areas. The build team went to work on fixing a ramp bracket that broke during competition. They also learned about a few of the main tools used during the build season. The programming team learned some basics of Labview including how to turn off and on a motor. The design team had a practice in the evening where design mentor Mr. Kuchan demonstrated and work alongside with new member on how to use CAD. The business team learned how to add a new page to the website with text and a picture.

While at FRC World's in Houston last season, the team met two freshman who where part of an FTC team. They contacted our lead mentor Mr. Byquist a few weeks ago for advice on their latest robot design. From their, our lead captain Julia has been communicating with them since, mainly rules and design ideas.

And first mate got sick. Sad.....

Welcome Back Y'all!

September 21, 2017

Today was RAID's fist official Sub-team meeting. The captains introduced themselves to the team and what role they played. Then the captains spit off into different areas of the build and workroom to talk with newcomers about what they would be doing in their sub-team. After this, some stuck around to watch and participate in a drive practice from last years FIRST Steamworks Challenge. Then some of the team helped get the robot and pit packed up for the teams first ever preseason event. Tomorrow, at Seattle Christian School in SeaTac, RAID will be one of 30 teams participating in the second annual Peak Performance hosted by Apex Robotics.

Houston here we come!

April 8, 2017

We had an extremely successful weekend ranking in the top 20 at the competition and joining the 4th ranked alliance for the playoff rounds. Our alliance advanced through the quarterfinals to the semifinals, however we lost in the semifinals to the top ranked alliance. Nonetheless, we had done well enough to rank as the #18 team in the whole Pacific Northwest! We are on to Houston in two weeks and as information regarding match schedules and streaming becomes available, it will be posted here.

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Crunch Time

February 11, 2017

R.A.I.D. is now experiencing a lot of pressure. The design team has been under stress getting certain parts in order on the robot. One of these components is the shooter. Along with this is the hopper and how the balls will feed into the shooter. The build team is taking the blueprints of parts of the robot to construct certain items.

There was a small problem today concerning how the game gear will fit onto the peg that will lift up the gear onto the airship. The idea is that the gear will slide down a chute and fall into a holder that will keep the gear in place until it reaches the peg. Then actuators will release the gear, allowing it to swing freely on the peg. As of right now, there are two problems with this component. The gear slides out of the chute and does not catch anywhere. The other problem is that the gear would not go over the small stopper that would keep the gear on the peg because the stopper does not completely slip through one of the holes in the gear. The build team is still trying to figure out how exactly to solve this problem.

As of right now, robot #1 is being fitted with manufactured parts and robot #2 is slowly coming together. Both have drive bases installed and most of their skeleton completed. As for the programming team, they have gotten a electrical board for the robot mostly completed. Once finished, hopefully in the next day, they will install it onto robot #1 once it is finished. 

But with just 9 days left to finish designing, building, testing and troubleshooting, the members are biting their fingernails and working overtime.

Refining & Building

February 8, 2017

When comparing the team's progress from the kickoff event at the beginning of January to now, there is evidence of major accomplishment and success in all sub-teams. The programming team has finished all the code for the robot and are getting an electrical board ready. The Build team has been working hard everyday with the amount of blueprints that the design team has finished. Robot one has the winch and ball feeder system installed but robot 2 has only its base structure completed. The Design team has completed most of the components for the robot and is now refining and tweaking the design for the robot. The business just finished a little project yesterday. They are starting to get some research done for Districts and Worlds concerning the area, food and hotel.

Halfway Through...

February 3, 2017

There's only 3 weeks before our robot needs to be completed and the sub-teams are all working really hard.

Design is working on fixing one of the assemblies for the robot to make sure that all of the parts are able to work together. They plan on finalizing the winch system and all of the measurements so build team can put the robot together correctly.

Programming team is working on the ultrasonic sensor for the robot, which allows it to find it's bearings and "see". They'll go through and fix any bugs that are left over when they're done. Except for that item, the programming team is done with all their work. They have been tweaking their test board, making sure everything is working right. Connected to part of the test board is a mock shooter, that helped the design team visualize what they needed to work on to perfect the shooter design.

Build team has been working on the robot ever since the kickoff event. They're currently working on attaching the lifter arm to the robot. The drive base is the next thing on the list, along with attaching and testing the shooter. We hope to get it done by next weekend. They also have been working on a second robot so that while our competition robot is in it's bag, we can continue to practice with a replica of it. The struggle is that we are missing a few parts for the replica, but we will get those items soon.

As for the business team, they are still in the process of filming the team in action building, designing, and testing. they will hopefully be able to release a highlights video of the past months of the season. They are also planning on a fundraiser movie night at Thomas Jefferson High School and collecting items together for a few baskets for the RPM Auction coming up.

Progress Being Made...

January 25, 2017

The RAID team is going "full steam ahead" in all aspect. The Programming team is wrapping up some code for the drive base and other miscellaneous motors along with some code for the vision system. Build team has begun work on the drive base and using our CNC router to cut small parts. The Build team just completed our Super cart, which will allow us to push the robot, tools, and spare parts to the competition field. It will also allow us to work on the robot in an elevated position in our pit.

The design team is in the process of designing all our parts that we need for the robot. The basic design and layout for the robot are mostly finished, so that gives our Build team something to work on. The Business team is currently working on some fundraising ideas and events. We have an auction coming up and we have ideas for some basket and are now collecting items. We have a few members working on stringing video together talking about what we have done the past few months. And as always, they are updating the website with new information.

A few of our mentors are specifically helping certain sub teams. We have some adults who have made some mock game peices so that we can design our robot better and then once the robot is  finished, be able to practice on it.

Build Season in full swing

January 10, 2017

With the game having been released this past Saturday, the team is hard at work designing the robot for this years challenge FIRST® STEAMWORKSSM. All of the subteams are busy working on different tasks to ensure that the team and robot are ready for the competition season come March. If you want to learn more about this years game, head over to the history page and learn all about it and watch the game animation to be prepared for the competitions.

Steamworks Kickoff!!!

January 7, 2017

For the FRC RAID Robotics team, the 2017 FIRST Steamworks Kickoff, located at Auburn High, was a blast, especially for a few specific team members. There were many other schools there that came to watch as a FIRST Community. Other people who did not come to the event stayed at home to watch the live stream.

As we arrive on that Saturday morning we were directed to go to the auditorium where teams were coming in to sit down and watch the show. The amazing part about these kickoffs is that both the kids and adults share the same enthusiasm.

The video feed started off with music parodies of songs, all with the same common theme: Robotics. Then there was a final music video that seems to be the theme song for this season. After that, Dean Kamen, along with the other FIRST Founders Woodie Flowers and Donald E. Bossi, officially launched the kickoff with some funny acting. They also told us a lot of fundamentals that they wanted us to know about FIRST and about the competition ahead.

Then we saw the field pop up. And the whole auditorium went nuts.

The field is composed into two parts. The Blue and Red Alliances main goal is to activate the hexagonal airships stationed at two ends of the field by delivering gears to the pilots, increasing Kilopascals (steam), and climbing a rope to “Take Flight.”

After viewing the video that spoke about the safety, and the goal of the contest, we went to discussion rooms to talk about the game and ideas for the robot design. After this, we regrouped, got our game kit, and went back to TJ to discuss what we wanted to do for the challenge. We talked about main strategies, robot designs, and goals that we wanted to achieve for this.

Now is were where the real fun begins.