September 29, 2017

Let the Training Begin…

The team is now getting a head start on training all of the new members on what they do in each of their sub-teams. The day began with a quick debriefing on our competition from last week: Peak Performance. See the teams results here. Sub-teams broke up into their respective areas. The build team went to work on fixing a ramp bracket that broke during competition. They also learned about a few of the main tools
September 21, 2017

Welcome Back!

Today was RAID's fist official Sub-team meeting. The captains introduced themselves to the team and what role they played. Then the captains spit off into different areas of the build and workroom to talk with newcomers about what they would be doing in their sub-team. After this, some stuck around to watch and participate in a drive practice from last years FIRST Steamworks Challenge. Then some of the team helped get the robot and pit
April 8, 2017

Houston Here We Come!

We had an extremely successful weekend ranking in the top 20 at the competition and joining the 4th ranked alliance for the playoff rounds. Our alliance advanced through the quarterfinals to the semifinals, however we lost in the semifinals to the top ranked alliance. Nonetheless, we had done well enough to rank as the #18 team in the whole Pacific Northwest! We are on to Houston in two weeks and as information regarding match schedules
February 11, 2017

Crunch Time

R.A.I.D. is now experiencing a lot of pressure. The design team has been under stress getting certain parts in order on the robot. One of these components is the shooter. Along with this is the hopper and how the balls will feed into the shooter. The build team is taking the blueprints of parts of the robot to construct certain items. There was a small problem today concerning how the game gear will fit onto
February 8, 2017

Refining & Building

When comparing the team's progress from the kickoff event at the beginning of January to now, there is evidence of major accomplishment and success in all sub-teams. The programming team has finished all the code for the robot and are getting an electrical board ready. The Build team has been working hard everyday with the amount of blueprints that the design team has finished. Robot one has the winch and ball feeder system installed but