2015 was prime time for RAID. With two seasons under its belt, RAID had all the tools, mentors, members and experience with programming that it needed to truly stand out among the rest of the teams in the PNW region. Recycle Rush was a fun challenge because it was a lot different from shooting things into goals like we did in the previous years.

The goal of the game was to stack tote boxes on top of each other in a certain zone on the field. Robots could also stack a recycle can on top of a stack of tote boxes to gain additional points. More points could be scored if there was a litter pole inside of the can. Opposing teams could also toss litter poles into the other team’s zone to gain points if the other teams robots didn’t dispose of them.

Our robot was like a right triangle that season. All the electrical and mechanical components were located in the hypotenuse and bottom leg area of the robot. The real action was done with the other side. The robot had clips that would fit under the edges of the totes. A chain could lift the tote up and another one could be grabbed. This resulted in two totes being able to be stacked on top of one another. In addition, we also had a horizontal claw that clamped onto the recycle cans and lifted it up onto the stacked totes.

This was the first season we had as a team where we were able to advance to the regional competition in Cheney, Washington. We did so well that we qualified for worlds in St. Louis. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we had no more funds, we were unable to attend. But we had hope for the next year, which will be so hard to top…

2015 Stats


  • Innovation in Control (sponsored by Rockwell Automation)         
  • Excellence in Engineering Award (sponsored by Delphi)

Rankings & Records:

  • PNW Auburn Mountainview Event
    • Ranked 11
    • Average Qual Score: 51.58
    • Average Playoff core of 69.80
  • PNW Auburn District Event
    • Ranked 5
    • Average Qual Score: 72.00 
    • Average Playoff core of 101.00
  • PNW District Championship
    • Ranked 24
    • Average Qual Score: 119.92 
    • Average Playoff core of 181.00
Owen delivering tots to the robot

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